I'm conducting experiments that
may or may not seriously
break the universe


It is an AI assistant which will automate your task like it can send emails also it can control lights using raspberry pi it can inform about weather and many more features

Object Detection for Self Driving Cars

It is an demo model of object detection for self-driving cars like "TESLA CARS"

Face Recongnition

It is an face recongnition system which can detect face which are stored in the progarm

Home Automation using Google-Assistant

It is an Home Automation project which can control appliances using Google Assistant with voice commands with ESP8266 and Relay board


Smart Security Camera

It is an IoT Raspberry Pi 3 security camera running open-cv for object detection. The camera will send an email with an image of any objects it detects. It also runs a server that provides a live video stream over the internet.


It is What's-App-Automation using python & selenium to send messages and images/videos